Still Waters Run Deep

I met Ms. Christina Badkiss at a cool lil spot in Manila where, after just a few minutes of hearing her spin, I knew immediately that she was my type of DJ. Mixing seamlessly between funky breaks, soulful house, hip hop, broken beat & bass tunes, she clearly had a keen sense of what works on the dancefloor. It barely surprised me when an impromptu B-Boy cypher broke out- headspins, windmills and all. On “Still Waters Run Deep” you can hear some of her soulful house selections- minimal, simple, and deep- which make a perfect soundtrack for chilling, or for uprocking, depending on your mood. Be sure and check out her soundcloud page for more mixes from her (in a range of different styles), and if you’re in the Philippines, check out one of her many events or parties.


Hard Times

I met Abu Sou (aka Breixo Barros) in a record store in Barcelona last Spring. We were digging through soul 45′s next to eachother and started a conversation. It was clearly meant to be, because within 5 mins I learned that he not only knew who I was, but had my music and was just as crazy about funky global disco sounds as I am. I ended up staying with him in BCN for several days, getting shown around properly, and was introduced to a bunch of his friends who are also all record junkies and music fiends. A sweetheart, a rebel, and a sound explorer, Abu Sou can be heard on his ScannerFM podcast or deejaying parties regularly in BCN. I’m happy to present this live mix he put together exclusively for Mixtape Riot- 67mins of funky disco, soulful house, and global goodies. He calls it “Hard Times”  because “Disco and House always grow on very bad social situations, like now in Spain.”


International Thief Thief

Captain Planet & Murphy’s Law (collectively known as THE FUNK BROS) are back with another collection of raw, funky, pshychedelic, mind-melting tracks from around the world. Leaving no corner of the globe untouched, they’ve scoured the nether regions and procured some of the finest and rarest gems for your listening enjoyment. Allow yourself to travel from Brazil to Turkey to India to Nigeria and back- making stops at just about every funky place in between. Can you tell we still like actual records here?


Deep Thaw

For this mix Captain Planet joined forces once again with Bastard Jazz head honcho DRM on a very snowy Brooklyn weekend. While there’s plenty of tropical ecuatorial vibes on here to warm the spirit, the mix also moves into some deeper soulful house and electronic sounds that reflect the chilly environs, including the classic “Southern Freeez” for a closing track. Pour yourself a hot toddy and get ready to boogie down in your long underware!


Electric MacGyver


My homie and fellow funk freak, DJ Tantric, just passed his latest mixtape my way and it’s a good one! If you like vintage electro, freestyle, vocoders, the 80′s and, most importantly, doing the robot dance- then this one’s for you.


The Funk Bros


For the first time, Captain Planet & Murphy’s Law join vinyl forces, dropping a mix of grimey psyched-out soul, smooth 70′s funk, a touch of Latin seasoning and even a lil bit of Hip Hop for good measure. Inspired and recorded on a lazy sunny Summer day in LA, circa ’06.


Beers & Bikes

Here’s an eclectic mix I made with my boy DRM to promote a party we did upstate. The inception of the mix was a slow cruise on our bikes through Brooklyn & Prospect Park, followed by a couple 6-packs of Singapore’s best brew. Reggae, Cumbia, NOLA Brass, Afrobeat, House & a lot of sunshine. Press play and let the summertime vibes abound.


Agony Ecstacy


For your downloading pleasure, a bit less hip-hop/r&b/soul and a bit more dance-rock new-wave post-punk socialist-marxist libertarian-green working families, this mix is a lot of one-two drums, sweet and sour synth lines, perfectly pitched off-keyness, lump-in-your throat nostalgia, and commas. Enjoy.



Haysobay cover

This is a mixtape that Chuck Wild (aka Captain Planet) made for a Liberian youth scholarship fundraiser. In his words: “This mix has a lot of my all-time favorite African tunes, which somehow I’d never put together before, plus a lil something special for all those 80′s babies out there.” Check out more info on their organization LYDIA, and make a tax deductible donation if you can. Then enjoy the good music… (more…)

From 9:00 Until

From 9:00 Until - Cover

“From 9:00 Until” is courtesy of Soul Imperial selectors Elegante and Ballantino. This is a mix to make you feel good and help celebrate life, just like we’ve been doing in Brooklyn so far this summer. The tracks come from a wide variety of genres ranging from old to new, and include a couple of fresh remixes from the MTR fam as well. (more…)

Afro Tripping

afrotrippincoverFor the Tripping mix, Still Life put together a solid 30-minute collection of funky, syncopated afrobeat- old and new. It’s definitely danceable, but also dubby and lazy enough to accompany a nice Sunday hammock session (if only I had a hommock!). We still haven’t had the opportunity to actually DJ a party together yet, but hopefully we can remedy that situation soon.


Blast Off


Our fist offering is basically a recorded manifestation of what DJ O and I do live. Some original tracks and remixes, some tunes made by friends and family, and other hotness old and new that we’re feeling (doesn’t matter how you want to label it). If you’re having a house party, throw this mix on for guaranteed results. Or just party in your head while you’re riding the train. Download now and BUMP LOUDLY! (more…)